Future Trends on Social Media Marketing

In this blog post I will be looking at future trends. In my opinion some of these trends are already used but I think their usage at the moment is underestimated and will grow. The trends I have chosen are Driverless Cars, Virtual Reality and Voice Control. I have also included a video by Gerd Leonhard that I would encourage everybody to watch about the future.

Driverless cars

From my research it seems like driverless cars is something that will be happening very shortly. In another Gerd Leonhard speech, he was talking about how he was in Germany 7 years ago and car manufacturers were laughing at the thought of electric cars.  Today, electric cars are very popular as they reduce the amount of fossil fuels consumption. Not many people, including myself, really did  believe that a car could become electric. Now we are talking about how cars will become driverless. Personally, I think this is an incredible change that hasn’t received much exposer.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has already come into certain areas but I think it will grow a lot more. You can already virtual reality in certain in entertainment games. for example certain playstation and xbox games have virtual reality games. I think virtual reality will have a rapid growth in the business industry.


Voice Control

Voice control was introduced a few years ago with the iphone. Personally, I think in the last recent months voice control has definitely had a rapid growth and this growth will continue. Google recently have realised a Chromecast, which is a voice control speaker for your house. You can ask this speaker many questions and it will give you an answer. Other companies, like Amazon, have realised their version of it.


In the video below we hear Gerd Leonhard, who is a futurist, talk about the future. This video is very inspiring about how everybody should except the changes coming. In the video Gerd says a very motivating quote which is, ” This will allow us to focus on things that cannot be automated”. For me, I liked this quote as it shows me that in the future I will be developing new skills and keeping remaining ones that cannot be automated. I would definitely recommend everybody to watch this video as it helps you to understand why you shouldn’t be afraid of change and how you should embrace it


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